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All-in-One Client Facing Platform


See how we’re changing the way you interact with your clients and manage your business.

Client Management

All your clients, at the touch of a button. Streamline your client management by using our platform that allows you to view all your clients all in one page so you can message them, schedule your next session, and see their previous workouts and analytics history.

Business Management

Leave the busy work to us. Take control of your business and plan for growth. Our business management solution allows you to track all your sales and results through our Point of Sales system.

Client Facing App

Not only can you use our application, but our platform is for your clients too. They can do a broad range of things from tracking their workouts, messaging their trainer, scheduling a session, logging analytics, and making purchases.

Workout Journal

The best way to make progress is to record your workouts and strive to improve each session. What’s unique about our workout journal is that it’s actually a two way journal.

Performance Analytics

We believe data and consistency to be the key to any successful plan. You and your clients can track their results through the Pursuit Health Platform. View past workouts, enter current workout data, and track key success metrics like body fat percentage and personal records over time.

"Every client has individual training programs built for their needs. This platform will give me effective tools to streamline tracking of client progression and performance."
Shawn RolandOwner and Personal Trainer
“Pursuit’s software takes the whole process of training clients to a new level; the analytics provide insight to your clients’ progress that lets you take a truly scientific approach to optimizing their programs.”
Jake RoperFounder of AmbroFit